A Few Words About Us

European Beekeeping Company is a Cyprus-based company that was established in 2012.

We offer high-quality beekeeping supplies, equipment and consumables to beginners and longtime beekeepers, hobbyists, and commercial operators.

Most of our products are available at our central warehouse in Dali (Nicosia) and our valued clients are welcome to visit our facilities and experience the quality of our products and our outstanding customer service.

Our partner, Arkadiki Melissokomia, is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of beekeeping equipment and supplies in Greece. Arkadiki Melissokomia maintains offices and stores Leontari (Arkadia), Athens, Thessaloniki and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Beekeeping is more than a fascinating hobby; it could be a challenging but profitable business as well. At European Beekeeping Company, we help beekeepers to achieve their goals by providing them with high-quality products, training and helpful information.

Our Advantages

  • High quality

    High-quality beekeeping supplies, equipment and consumables at your door when you need them.

  • Competitive prices

    Extremely competitive prices (without hidden transportation costs).

  • Partnerships

    Our partnership with Arkadiki Melissokomia, one of the oldest and best-known manufacturers of beekeeping supplies in Greece.


“I strongly recommend European Beekeeping Company to all my fellow beekeepers. The company offers me what I need, when I need it at very competitive prices. The quality of their products and customer service is outstanding.”

Christoforos P., Pafos

“I visited their warehouse in Dali out of curiosity. Many people claim that they offer this and that. I was pleasantly surprised by their prices and the variety of products they carry. Frankly, the best beekeeping products’ supplier in Cyprus.”

Michael M., Limassol