Our Products

Royal Jelly

Our pure, fresh Royal Jelly is a Greek product, available in its natural and unprocessed state for every day use

Honey Extractors

Honey Extractors, Settlers, Wax extractors and many more


High-quality hives, hive equipment, beekeeping tools, clothing and accessories

Bee wax

Pure bee wax, soaps and cosmetics

Our Bee-Keeping Products are excellent!

We offer high-quality products and supplies at your door when you need them at very competitive prices. Because to us, beekeepers are not just hobbyists; they are real business people as well…

Recent Recipes

Strawberry Marmalade (Jam) with Honey

Sesame Seed Bar with Honey (Pasteli)

Greek Honey Balls (Loukoumades)

Honey-Sesame Chicken